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Thank you for a great 50th Annual Expo.

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Ticketing for the 50th Annual 2024 SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo is concluded. 

It was a great year and a fitting celebration of our legacy. We are planning for our 51st already and ticketing will resume in fall 2024. Please make your plans for April 1st through April 6th, 2025 as we continue the traditions started in 1975 by our Pioneers.

What is new in ticketing for this year 2024?

Actually there are quite a few newsworthy items. First and most noteable is our 50th Annual Fly-In. We are focused on guest experience and providing you the best Expo ever! For the 5th year in a row we have not raised general admission ticket prices! Member discounts for Adult General Admission tickets make that an even bigger deal. This is despite the fact that costs have risen exponentially. Children 10 and under are still free! We will have full fireworks on Wednesday night in addition to Saturday night! We have created a new camping package for Aircraft campers to save money and still see the early week events. See below for details on that. We have continued to enhance our ticketing system to get you in the gate faster with handheld scanning devices. Our expanded parking and admissions entrance at the East end of the airport was a success in 2023, enabling guests access to two major entry points. We will continue that success in 2024.

Tell me about the new Aircraft Camping packages!

We have always sold our Weekly Aircraft Camping plus Admission packages that let you camp and attend the entire Expo (starting as early as Saturday 4/6/2024). We still offer those packages as they are wildly successful. But after research we decided to create a new set of additional Aircraft Camping packages for those folks who want to fly in early, camp and attend the show through Thursday afternoon and depart. Our new Aircraft Fly 'n Early Camping packages provide camping and admissions from as early as Saturday 4/6/2024 and allow you to stay through Thursday 4/11/2024 and depart in the afternoon. These packages are discounted and can save you money. If you end up staying beyond Thursday, you can purchase additional camping days and admission to extend your aviation adventure.

Can I order all of my tickets in one transaction?

Yes! Our ticket platform is designed with a unified cart so that you can add one type of ticket to the cart and continue shopping until you have all of your tickets in the cart and check out all at once. While you are at it, we recommend creating an account during checkout so that you have access to all of your orders in case you misplace the emailed receipt.

But what if I order and pay for tickets for family/friends and we are arriving separately at different times?

You have two choices, you can either order each arriving group's tickets in separate orders and give each group their order's QR code -OR- you can purchase all of the tickets in one order and share the single QR code with each group. Our scanner devices allow our volunteers to specify which tickets are being redeemed at that time. Other tickets in the order can be left unredeemed for later use by the remaining guests in your groups. 

What if I need to buy tickets for scheduled events for more than one day?

If you are purchasing tickets for events like the 9/27 Club or Preferred/Photo Preferred Seating on a single day basis and need more than one day, it is easy! Simply choose the number of tickets for that day, follow through the calendar for that day and add those tickets to the cart. Then on the same page, start over with the tickets for the next day and add to cart. Repeat until all of your tickets for all of your days are added. You can review your dates and tickets in the cart.

I belong to an Aviation Association and want to get my ticket discount. Where do I apply the discount code to my Adult General Admission tickets.

If you are in the Shopping Cart and looking at your order summary, you simply need to click "Proceed to Checkout". Once in the checkout screen, there is a box underneath the donations area where you can "Enter a discount code". Please enter the discount code provided by your aviation member organization and click "Apply" to add the discount. Your eligible tickets will show the discount below each ticket. Discount codes are case sensitive. Aviation Assocation discounts apply ONLY to Adult General Admission Single Day or Adult General Admission Weekly tickets. 

Why is the website suggesting I buy other items like parking?

We remind and offer you the opportunity to purchase recommended items with your tickets such as parking passes. Purchasing your parking now will save you time at the gate with e-ticket efficiency and money as online parking rates are the lowest. We are working hard to make entry points like the parking lots flow faster. By allowing our guests to pre-purchase parking and then have that QR code quickly scanned at the gate, they can proceed to a parking spot faster. Parking prices at the gate will be higher and cash only. We also remind those purchasing Preferred and Photo Preferred seating to also purchase Single Day Admission as admission is not included in Preferred seating.

My receipt has a single QR code now. How does that work?

Each order is assigned a single QR master barcode that is used by the ticketing system to identify all of your individual tickets. When you present your QR code from your receipt at each check-in area, the scanning devices we will use are configured to redeem the tickets for that area and date only. So, when you come in to the parking lot, they will scan the QR and it will redeem your parking pass only and you will be quickly on your way to park. When you come to the admissions gate, you will go to the E-tickets building (or any ticket window for that matter) and they will scan the same QR barcode which will redeem your admission ticket(s) in exchange for a wristband. This is the fastest method of entry into the gates. If you also have a special event like Photo Preferred seating, they will scan the same QR code and it will check you in for that area for that date. 

My order's QR barcode does not link me to a website.

The QR code is a random, serialized number that is used by the ticketing system to identify your order. Unlike other QR codes, it does not include a link to the web. QR codes are read better by scanner devices, especially in sunlight, and it is more secure than a standard linear barcode. Guests will present their receipt, either printed or displayed on their phone and the QR code will be used for redemption. See the verbiage on your receipt for options to view in a browser, access all your orders via your account (if you created one) and specific information for the events you are attending.

My QR code image is not displayed on my computer or phone.

Many email programs, webmail sites or browsers are configured not to display images within emails. These email providers or App developers do this in an effort to prevent malicious images that are present on the web from being displayed. Our email cannot override this setting, but you can choose to view the image in our email. If you can't see the QR code image, look for a link in the email that may say "Show More", "Show images", "Show Picture" or something similar. Click that link and the QR code should appear. If given the option, choose "Always show pictures from email from this sender". Alternately, you can find the link in your receipt that says "Show this in a browser". Still can't get it? Rest assured, if you come to a checkin point here, we can assist you even if your QR code is not displayed.

Why are there Convenience Fees?

The costs to host an event like the Aerospace Expo have increased substantially, sometimes doubling or more due to supply chain issues. Items like tents, chairs, portalets, fencing, etc have all increased. To help avoid ticket price increases across the board, we opted to charge a ticket convenience fee to offset the increased cost to deliver you an enhanced ticketing platform and E-ticket scanning experience to get you in the door sooner. The Aerospace Expo (Fly-In) is our largest fundraising event every year. By offsetting these ticketing costs, we are better able to use the proceeds from the Expo toward our mission of youth education in Aviation and Aerospace technologies. To see the results of our museum and education programs, follow this link for more information. 

I lost my ticket receipt, how can I retrieve my barcode?

If you created an account during your purchase, you can log in at the top right of this page and view your orders. If you did not create an account, then please reach out to us for assistance: [email protected]

Why did you change your ticketing platform?

We actually didn't change, however we added software and hardware to enhance our existing ticketing system with a new friendly guest interface with a unified cart to allow you to purchase all of your tickets in one order, to allow online purchase of parking to save money and time, cross sale reminders and the ability to create a guest account to view and reprint all of your orders. Hardware enhancements include mobile handheld scanners with QR code scanning to provide a fast efficient entry for our guests. This new system was chosen and designed to provide our guests the most convenient and efficient (fastest) method of attending the Aerospace Expo. Our goals are to find every opportunity to enhance the guest experience. This is the second year using these platforms and we can report that the guest experience was a resounding success last year for the 2023 Expo. We expect that to continue with even more enhancements to get you in the gate faster!

So, If I do have an issue with purchasing tickets, how can I reach you?

We can best be reached at [email protected] or by calling 863-904-4063. We will reply to you as quickly as possible.

Would you like to attend the Bash, a Party with a Purpose?

The Bash is the premier fundraiser benefitting the Aerospace Center for Excellence. Enjoy a gathering featuring Live and Silent Auctions, catered food and cocktails with your fellow aviation friends. The event is held Thursday, April 11th during the Expo. Tickets are available here.

Terms and Conditions for the SUN 'n FUN ticketing system and event Admissions

Our website, flysnf.ticketapp.org is the official website to purchase tickets for the Aerospace Expo and other events at the SUN 'n FUN campus. No other entities are affiliated with SUN 'n FUN for the purpose of selling admission, parking or event tickets for events held by SUN 'n FUN, the Aerospace Center for Excellence or the Florida Air Museum. Third-Party ticket sale websites do not have permission to sell or resell our tickets; therefore, tickets purchased through these venues are not guaranteed for entry or refunds and SUN 'n FUN is not responsible for resolution of ticket issues if purchased from any of these sites. Admission to our events will not be permitted upon presentation of counterfeit, altered or transferred tickets purchased from an unauthorized site.

Valid admission tickets are exchanged for an event wristband to match the purchase for the single or weekly ticket. Admission wristbands are not transferable to another person and will be confiscated, surrendered and/or deactivated for misuse with no refunds. Each guest must wear their admission wristband at all times while on the SUN 'n FUN grounds or in the SUN 'n FUN campground. Any guest displaying counterfeit or altered credentials will be removed from the grounds and may face prosecution.

Purchasers of tickets: By selecting a product or service, you agree to pay SUN ‘n FUN the applicable price and any fees indicated at time of order. Any disputed credit card payments that cause a reversal of your payment will result in cancelled tickets or services. Payments or tickets are non-refundable at any time whether used or unused. Unused tickets are considered abandoned and will not be applied to future events.

SUN ‘n FUN is a private, non-governmental entity and controls all access to the Aerospace Expo, all use of its property & reserves the right to exclude anyone at any time from the grounds. Tickets are non-refundable whether used or unused. Purchase of tickets indicates agreement of all terms and conditions stated here and on our main website at https://flysnf.org/terms-of-service/